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Freezing Your Credit

If you’re part of the Anthem 80 million people who had their personal information stolen, you may want to do a Credit Freeze. Steve Gibson talked about this in his Security Now Podcast #495.

Here is a good article on Freezing Your Credit.”

You have to do this with the three individual agencies and it does cost some money.

Here’s another good article from Consumers Union – part of Consumer Reports.

Article #2 from Consumers Union

Missouri Information

In Missouri – it seems like the best $15 anyone could invest.


Two Minute Chores

My wife recently asked me for some special Xmas stamps which we had bought. She said there was no rush, and I didn’t need to do it that moment, but I knew what to do.

Rather than put off this simple task, I went upstairs and got the stamps – it took 70 seconds.

I’m not sure where I learned this productivity tip, but here it is.

If you can do a chore or task in two minutes  – go ahead and do it.

Don’t put it on a ToDo List or sticky note or hope that you’ll remember to do it later on.

Do It Now!

In Toastmasters, we send out email reminders to people for our meetings. People are supposed to respond to the email and indicate if they are coming or who their replacement is. It takes only a couple of minutes or less to respond to the email, but many people don’t respond at all. The sender then has to send a second email or even make a phone call. It’s a bit aggravating that people don’t take the two minutes to respond to an email.

This simple tip should not only make you more productive and keep your ToDo list to a minimum, but it will also keep  your associates happy.