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Cancelling an Airline Flight

These tips come from featured on the Tech Guy podcast.

If you have to cancel an airline flight, don’t do it right away. For most airlines, you can cancel up to right before the flight, but they charge you $200. Southwest doesn’t charge a change fee.

The trick is that if there are weather delays and a flight is delayed for an hour, you might be able to cancel and get reimbursed.

If an airline changes the flight times, you can call up and try to get them to change your routing or your times or even try and get a refund.






Cross House in St. Issey, Cornwall, England

We stayed at this house for two weeks in May and had a great time. There doesn’t seem to be any way to give feedback or offer comments so I’m putting this information on my blog with hopes that at Google Search might help others.

  • No Wifi.
  • Directions are wrong – turn on A389 not 359.
  • Charcoal BBQ. No chimney starter. You need lighter fluid. They also need a wire brush.
  • Needs night lights.
  • They need a much better book of instructions. The stove in particular is quite different.
  • No fans in the house.
  • Toaster sets off the smoke alarm almost every day. We had to move the toaster to the dining area to overcome this problem.
  • They need a knife sharper.
  • Washing machine – push in On/Off button – push quick wash – push control knob in and turn it to 3. Use the line on the control.
  • Bedroom 1 – 2 twin beds
  • Bedroom 2 – 2 bunk beds – 4 people
  • Bedroom 3 – 1 full size bed
  • Bedroom 4 – largest – includes bathtub. Bed is soft.
  • 2 extra bathrooms upstairs. No bathrooms downstairs except for outside toilet.
  • Watch out – Steep – narrow stairs to 2nd floor.
  • Living room has board games
  • TV room – hdmi + SD card + dvd player
  • Stove is unusual – set top right to 280 degrees for cooktop.
  • French press coffee maker.
  • Trash – recycled – separate into colored plastic containers in the laundry room. Take out to curb on Thursday night. Trash is every Friday – Recycling is every other Friday, but they don’t tell you which Friday that is.
  • Dining room is great.
  • Game room – has ping pong + snooker – don’t use pool balls as they are too large and get stuck.
  • Lots of parking space.
  • Walk – go down the road towards Pickwick Inn, then cut across the public path towards St Issey. 40 minutes.
  • Americans – Bring electrical adapter for electronics.
  • To lock new doors, hold up on handle and turn the key. To unlock, just turn the key.
  • They also have boogie boards – beach stuff – one beach towel
  • Restaurants -Pickwick Inn – down the road you live on. Good food and service 10 – 20 pounds.
  • Nice lawn in the back yard. Its a good area to feed the birds and watch them.
  • No store of any type in St Issey, but it does have a pub. Wadebridge Tesco is the nearest store. On A39 at first round-about turn right and go up about 200 meters.
  • Wadebridge center has some good stores. Boots – hardware – grocery
  • RingOBells pub is close, but the road is tiny in one section with lots of traffic. They have parking on the side. It’s a cute pub serving food 12 to 2 and 6:30 to 8 :30. Wifi is a very poor connection. Be careful driving when leaving -treacherous.