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hoopoladigital-01The St. Louis County Library has added another streaming media service for all it’s patrons. Yeah!!!!

All you have to do is go to and Signup.

You choose the St.Louis County Library and setup your account.

It has ebooks, movies, comic books, audiobooks, and television (older shows). I’m listening to music as I write this, so that’s a nice feature.

To return any emedia, you have to look for a return near the bottom of the page.

While I’m using this program in St. Louis, Missouri, it is also available in other cities and states.

The library allows you to borrow 15 titles each month. On the first of each month, those borrows renew. They’ll be automatically returned when your lending period is over.

Note also that there are apps for this program which seem to work well with my Android phone. You can download books to your e-device.



Kevin O’Leary Investment Advice


I was reading Kevin O’Leary’s book,  “Cold Hard Truth on Men, Women & Money, and I like it so much I thought I’d share a few of his thoughts. 

  • Diversify – 5% in any one stock or bond and 20% in any one industry. 
  • Dividends – only buy stock and bonds that either give a dividend or interest.
  • Invest in industries you understand. 
  • Buy and hold. 

Practical Tips

  • Establish your own credit line.
  • Make a budget and set aside savings every month.
  • Pay off consumer debt first and then start investing.
  • Invest your age in bonds. If you are 40 years old, have 40% of your investments in bonds.
  • He also has good money advice for kids, marriage etc.

Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Heat


Having trouble with your goals or resolutions?

Neither Snow-Rain-Heat

Click on the link above to download a free copy.

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