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Dishwasher – Lessons Learned

We just had a dishwasher repaired and the things we learned may keep you  from thousands of dollars of repairs down the road. (It was just a latch problem.)

  1. Don’t run your dishwasher when you go to bed. The inlet valve can stick and you will wake up to a wet first floor.
  2. When you go on vacation there is a valve under the sink to turn off the water to the dishwasher – turn off the water valve to the dishwasher.
  3. The above also applies to the washing machine and any water going to the refrigerator – turn them off when leaving for vacation.
  4. Good brands he recommends – Bosch, Kitchen Aid, Whirlpool, Maytag.
  5. The simpler the better – you don’t need all those fancy controls.
  6. St. Louis Appliance Repair Group did the repair.

Cleaning the Outside Air Conditioner


I decided to take a look at my two outside air conditioner units and see if they need cleaning. As you can see from the picture, they are totally clogged. I’m surprised that I’m getting any cooling at all. The fins are covered on the outside by a panel which makes it very hard to see what is going on inside.


While I initially took a shop vac to the fins, with a little testing I learned that a good stream of water will release the dirt. You could also spray it with a cleaner, but that may not even be necessary.

Taking apart the top of my unit is fairly easy. After turning off the electricity, I unscrewed the top. Unfortunately the unit is still held in by electrical wires. What I did was to use some garden pads to rest the top on and used the hose on the fins. If you don’t take off the sides, you can still clean the outside, but it’s not as easy. It’s hard to put the pieces back together, so just taking the top off is the easy option.

One option that I am going to try is put a screen around the outside of the unit. They have one available on Amazon, but some reviewers said that this is basically just a window screen, so that’s what I’m going to try.


You’re Not Going to Live Forever

I was doing some research on Living Wills, Medical Directives and Power of Attorney for Health Care and here’s a site I found which seems to have forms for all states.

Here is the Missouri PDF form.

It looks like Missouri requires a Notary for the Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care – so plan ahead.

I also have a form I can email you I got from my doctors office.


We Are Really Out of Shape

87 feet then we can rest !

Audience Participant Rehearsal

Audience Participant Rehearsal – click here

PayPal – Extra Security

PayPal – Extra Security – click here

Backup Your Data

Backup Your Data – (click here)

Thumb Drive Virus Protection


Don’t let a friends thumb drive give you a virus.

Yogurt Cups for New Plants

Yogurt Cups for New Plants

FREE Monarch Butterfly Plants


FREE Monarch Butterfly Plants For my St. Louis friends, I have plenty of Asclepias incarnata – a perennial milkweed plant which Monarchs love. They are small, but will grow into a plant 3 foot tall

I’m Turning Viscious

Pruning Time is Here – click here

Turn a Joke into a Story

Turn a Joke into a Story(click here)

Saving Money on Fertilizer

Saving Money on Fertilizer – Click Here

Green Screen – Be Anywhere You Want

I’ve got my green screen video setup. It’s fun an easy.

Baptizing Spider Mites

Here’s I’m fighting this pest.

Viruses and Malware – How to Get Them

Where Do You Stand as a Speaker?

Where Do You Stand as a Speaker?

$25 to $200 Rebate from Laclede Gas

If you’re replacing a thermostat or putting in a new furnace, Laclede Gas will send you a rebate of $25 to $200 depending on what work is done.

Here’s the link

Gerry’s 30th CPH Anniversary

Two items from Gerry’s 30th CPH Anniversary Party

First the MQA song

Here are the words to the song below:


She’s the Quality Queen at CPH, Bruce sent her for the MQA.
But she cannot seem to turn it off, she bugs me both night and day.
She’s Geraldine, The Quality Queen,.She’s looking at my KPIS.
Continuous Improvement ,  PDCA is  her battle cry.
Continuous Improvement ,  PDCA is  her battle cry.

When she gets home she’s always talking bout something called CRM
I said, we don’t need no dog gone cream,  we got plenty in the frig.
She says gather the data and form a team, you gotta take out the trash
I said I don’t need no dad burn  help,    she said do or I’ll kick you in the you know where
Backup Singers:
MQA, MQA, we’re gonna do the MQA.
MQA, MQA, we’re gonna do the MQA.

John Paquet’s Poetry