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Any Catan Fans Out There?

We just bought this game and it looks intriguing. Any other Catan players out there?

744 FREE Magazines

Once a week I electronically pick and choose certain magazines from our local library. What I didn’t realize is that they have 744 magazines to choose from. After a bit of searching I found a listing which shows all the magazine available in the St. Louis County library system. All you have to do is reserve them online nd pick them up at your nearest library. This is the best deal in town. Here’s the list.

Bad Weather – Be Prepared

Consumer Reports has a list of things to have in the car for emergencies.

(click here)

I’d also advise to always keep half a tank of gas in your car in case your stuck somewhere.

Doing the Basics in Business

I’m always amazed at companies and how they seem to forget the basics of business.

I’m in market to buy fireplace doors and I found a company online which seemed like it might have what I was looking for. On their website, they had all sorts of pretty pictures, but they didn’t list:

1. A phone number to call
2. Their address.
3. Their days and hours of operations.

All they had was form to fill out with a basic map of their location.

I filled out the form and decided to drive out and try to find their store.
When we got to the store, this is what we saw.

Needless to say, we won’t go back, won’t do business with them and certainly
won’t recommend them to anyone else.

How can they stay in business without doing the basics?

Protecting Your House from Lock Bumping

I received a notice from my insurance company about “lock bumping.” It’s a technique which makes it very easy to open almost any home lock and other traditional locks.

I have found a solution at Home Depot – model# 99800-090. It’s bump resistant and rated ANSI 1-which the highest security rating.

Here’s just one video from YouTube:

How Many People Will Speak at Your Funeral?

I recently attended a funeral which had approximately 300 people in the audience. At one point in the service the minister asked if anyone would like to tell a story about the deceased? All they’d have to do is raise their hand and a microphone would be brought to them. It was if you were back in school and the teacher had asked a question where no one knew the answer. It was very quiet. Finally, someone raised his hand and in the end five people were willing to say something. I know why the other 295 were quiet – they had that fear which haunts so many of us when we are asked to speak in front of a large group.

I’d encourage you to take a class, join Toastmasters or do whatever it takes to get over that fear. I’d like you to say something nice about me when it’s my time to die.