Cataract Operation Notes

I’m at that age where I need a cataract operation and thought I’d annotate what I have learned.

  • I decided to have the standard monovision lens put it. It’s only for distance and I need correction for closeup, mid distance and far distance. It appeared to me that I’ll still be wearing glasses after the operation so there’s no need to have fancy lenses put it that might reduce the amount of light and not correct my vision to 100%.
  • My co-pay was $160, and my 3 prescriptions cost around $150.00.
  • I checked out my surgeon and he received a lot of positive reviews in the past.
  • While he did not “knock me out” for the operation, he did give me a valium and a anesthesiologist gave me a drug to keep me in a very relaxed state. As I recall, after I got the drug, I don’t recall the operation or anything that went on.
  • I woke up easily and walked with a bit of help and got a cup of coffee.
  • The eye that was worked on was never good, but was even fuzzier when I went home.
  • My memory must have been somewhat affected since I apparently took some pills after coming home, but don’t remember taking them.
  • After 12 hours, I noticed my eye was clearing up and things were sharper.
  • At my 24 hours visit, I could see 20/30.
  • 48 hours – it appears that my left eye distance vision is BETTER than my right eye without glasses.
  • Laptop computer vision is good.
  • When you choose a monovision lens, they say that this is just for distance vision. What I have observed is that my vision is sharp from 12″ and out. I can use the laptop computer and also watch TV without glasses. Closeup vision – 12″ and closer is blurry.
  • I’m hoping that I might be able to go without glasses except for reading – fingers crossed.
  • No exercise for one week.
  • Eye Drops – you need 3 types of drops and have a chart to follow. If you’re single, you might practice ahead of time with regular eye drops. I usually wait 5 minutes in between drops.

2nd Operation Notes

  • I noticed that I was aware of what was going on during the operation this time, but I was not uncomfortable.
  • I remembered everything after the operation.
  • I had a slight irritation after the operation, but it was not painful.
  • I did notice how much brighter things were. I turned down the brightness on my computer and the lights in my bathroom seem too bright.
  • I might be able to do without glasses for long distance and just use glasses for close-up reading – we’ll see how that works out.


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