Roofing Notes

I’ve decided to have a new roof put on, so I’m sharing my notes about the process.

Not all roofing contractors are the same.
One company never showed up to meet me twice and had incorrect information on the contract.
One contractor came by twice, talked to me, showed me pictures of the roof and a potential problem
I only contacted roofers with a BBB accreditation and an A+ rating, plus good reviews on Google.
Being trustworthy and have good reviews is very important to me.
I’d encourage you to get at least five bids and also check with friends for referrals.
I ended up using a roofer recommended by a friend.

Have them inspect the chimney – does it need tuckpointing?
Yes – I needed tuckpointing. Ideally have the tuckpointing done before the new roof is put on.
Ask if the roofer has a tuck pointer they recommend or if anyone on their crew does tuck pointing.
Are they just reusing the old flashing or putting in new flashing?

Some contracts are quite simple and some are quite detailed.
I prefer the contract which goes into the exact details of what they are going to do.

Down Payment.
One contractor did not need a down payment, one wanted $500 and many wanted 50% up front.

Drip Edge
Most places online recommend a drip edge. It appears to be part of the local code.

Flashing – Base
My old aluminum flashing is pulling out.
One roofer recommended using screws to hold it down plus a caulk on top of the screws.

Ice and Water Shield
First layer around edges, Valleys, plumbing pipes, chimney.

Nails per shingle.
Most recommend four nails per shingle, some put in five.

Nail versus staples
Most people recommend nails versus staples.

Prices have quadrupled in the last 17 years. What cost me $3000 in the past is now $12,000.00
Low cost is not the most important thing to me, but it’s a factor.
I did find a roofer I trust will do a good job for $3000 less.

Ridge Vent
Most roofer recommend this.
I have roof vents already on the roof and vents in the gables so I’m not putting in a ridge vent.

Cost of most good shingles seems to be about the same.
Most of the contractors in St. Louis recommend Certainteed Landmark.
I prefer the Owens Corning Duration brand. It has a higher rating on Consumer Reports. I also like its nailing strip.

Shingle Starter Course
They usually make specific shingles for the first row of shingles.

There are a number of options.
Most roofers use a synthetic felt. Some use a 15# felt which is the old type.
One roofer recommends 30# felt.

Vents – Air
I have roof vents installed already.
All roofers will install new aluminum vents.

Vents – Plumbing
Most install new flashing.
One installs a lead flashing versus the rubber boot most use.

Vent – furnace flue
Have them paint this.


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