Hospital Go-Bag

If you are ever heading to either Urgent Care, the Emergency Room or the Hospital, one item that I suggest you always bring with you is the Hospital Go-Bag.

The items in the bag may differ a bit for each person, but you can change the list to fit your needs.
Here is our list.


Last Minute

  • book or kindle
  • extra clothes
  • glasses case
  • health record –
  • snacks/cookies
  • watch
  • tums, tylenol, prilosec
  • wallet
  • medications for both people (bring pill cases)
  • phones and chargers – our phone frequently doesn’t work in many hospital locations.

Always in the Bag

  • AA batteries – TV remotes at the hospital frequently need new batteries
  • paper and pens – take notes on everything that happens
  • Toothpicks
  • Underwear
  • Urinal



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