Fire Safety Notes

Here are a few notes from a recent CERT review.

You can find some of the CERT training materials here.

  • Fight the fire when it is small – that’s when you have a good chance to extinguish it. A small fire extinguisher will only handle a fire the size of a chair.
  • If the fire is out of control inside the house – get outside. If you go inside, the fumes are toxic and you will become a casualty.
  • If you basement is wet, don’t go down to turn off the electricity.
  • Safety is #1 priority – work with a buddy and always wear safety equipment.
  • Cooking fires – use a lid to put out the fire and don’t take the lid until it is cool. Don’t walk the pan over to the sink – you will just catch other things on fire. You also need a kitchen fire extinguisher close by. Here’s a good article.
  • Electrical – don’t use “1 to 3” types of plug adapters. Use a fused power strip.
  • Clean the back of your refrigerator and dryer – they collect a lot of fine material which could combust.
  • Program the electric company into your phone ahead of time.
  • Paint – you can fill the paint can with kitty liter and let it dry. Then it’s safe for the trash.

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