Smokenator 1000 Test


I’m testing out the Smokenator 1000 in my Weber Grill. It’s a bit expensive, $75,  for what it is, but seems to do a good job at smoking meat indirectly and keeping the temperature under control. I’m doing some testing today on some chicken wings and this is my setup.

  • I’m not using their included water pan. I am using a water pan in the middle of the grill which I fill about half-way with boiling water.
  • Notice I also put alum foil in the bottom of the grill to help with cleanup.
  • I put 60 unlit briquettes in the Smokenator.
  • Attach a temperature probe to the grill to monitor the temperature.
  • Turn a chimney starter upside down and light 12 briquettes – takes about 15 minutes.
  • I adjust the bottom vents to approximately 1/2 open and leave the top vents totally open.
  • Put the lit coals on top of the unlit coals.
  • Put on the lid and wait until the temperature comes up to 250 degrees.
  • Add your wood chips/chunks to the charcoal
  • Add boiling water to the alum pan.
  • NOTE – Amazingribs says to put a water pan OVER the charcoal on top of the grill. I need to give that a try.
  • Put on the chicken.
  • Weber takes about 10 minutes to get to 250 degrees.
  • Temperature rose over 30 minutes to 300 degrees (this may be because of where my water pan is.)
  • I then shut down the top about half
  • If temperature goes too low, knock off the ash and mix up the briquettes.
  • Even after four hours the temperature stayed at 250 degrees.



I’ve changed my setup to something very close to the directions which come with the unit.

  • 52 unlit coals in the base
  • light 12 coals and put them in the top.
  • When the temperature gets close to 200 degrees, I put on the meat
  • add water to the Smokenator water base – you will periodically have to fill this up. I put in regular tap water.
  • I have a thermometer on the grill the entire time so I always know what the temperature is
  • Add charcoal and chips every couple of hours to keep the fire level up and the smoke rolling.
  • I add a 2nd level with bricks and a smaller grill – works well.
  • I leave all vents totally open. If the temperature starts to get close to 300 degrees, I partially close the bottom vents.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the Smokenator. It seems to do a good job of providing indirect heat for an extended period of time.


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