NALC Health Benefit Plan – 2014

As a former letter carrier and government employee I decided to switch over to the NALC health benefit plan for 2014. This will save me initially around $4000 in premiums over the Anthem Blue Choice program. There are some trade-offs and extra costs so I will use this page to keep notes so that it might be helpful to others next year.

I like being able to get a 3 month prescription for all my drugs at CVS. I’m impressed with CVS and their service. I got the doctor to write new 3 month prescriptions and the costs were less than what I was paying at Walgreens. I didn’t have to pay the drugs as part of my deductible. Amoxicillin only costs $1.29! The cost for diabetic testing strips is cheaper on Amazon.

My chiropractor is trying to get out of the Cigna Plan because they pay so little – just $22 for a visit. This is definitely going to be an extra expense for me as the massage used to be free and now I’ll definitely have to pay for it. The chiropractor does have a $30 a visit plan which is what we may have to go to. We could switch doctors. It looks like we may be paying $85/month = $1020, for once a month adjustment and massage for me.


Doctor’s Directory
The online directory that is linked to the NALC website is buggy and gives bad results. I called NALC and told them about it. The new directory I found out about by calling is:

Also – What to ask a doctor/office BEFORE you go to them.

Are you contracted with Cigna Health Care Open Access Plus
NALC Directory?


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