Peanuts as Good as Walnuts?


Recent news from the New England Journal of Medicine shows the benefits of all types of nuts. They also include peanuts which are seeds, but are usually not included in the traditional definition of nuts. I’ve done a comparison of walnuts versus peanuts and came up with some interesting results. In some cases peanuts are actually better than walnuts and in general very similar to walnuts. Peanuts have more protein, more mono-unsaturated fats, more fiber, more potassium, more thiamin, more niacin, and fewer calories. Peanuts are also cheaper than walnuts.

Below is a chart comparing the two seeds. I took these values from the USDA – Nutritive Value of Foods.

Note – according to my measurements, I needed 37 peanuts (Planters Dry Roasted) to equal an ounce and 12 walnut halves to equal an ounce.

Here’s a YouTube video on the benefits of nuts.

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