Duct Cleaning – Do It Yourself and Save $500


We recently decided to paint the entire house and in the process of removing everything from the walls, I took off the cover from an air return vent and the above is what I saw. I called a reputable Duct cleaning service and learned a lot about the process and what needs to be done and what doesn’t need to be done.

The service man checked the furnace – it was clean. It was only a couple of years old anyway.


When he checked the actual air ducts going to the room – they were clean. The above picture is what I saw. It actually makes sense. The air going into the furnace is dirty, it gets cleaned by the filter and then clean air goes out into the room.

When I asked if he could just clean the dirty air return vents, he said “No – I’ve got to clean the whole system.”

I decided to see if I could clean the four air return ducts myself.

I bought this dryer vent cleaning system from Amazon for $15. It fits perfectly between the drywall and the 2×4’s. The wire is not quite as stiff as I’d like, but with some pushing you can move it all the way up and down the wall to clean that area.

Here’s what the area looks like when it’s done. It’s not perfect, but you could do it again to make it even better. For $15 it’s a great investment and saved me around $500.

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