Where to Keep Copies of Your Passport-Driver’s License etc.

On many emergency type sites, they recommend keeping copies of your passport, drivers license etc. While paper copies are certainly acceptable, there is another option you can use if you’re careful – online. The question is where online since you want this sensitive data to be secure.

One solution which was shown to me, via the Security Now Podcast. was LastPass. I use LastPass as a way to remember the hundreds of my many and varied passwords. One of the other great features they have is that they also have what is called Secure Notes.  With Secure Notes you can keep other sensitive data and attach scans of important documents either in pdf or jpg format.

One limitation is that a single note can hold up to 10MB of attachments, so depending on the size of your scans, you may need to create more than one secure note for your valuables.

Currently, free users have up to 50 MB of encrypted file storage, and Premium users have up to 1GB encrypted file storage.

LastPass Premium only cost $12/year so it’s a good way to support the company and protect your data.

LastPass seems like a great solution for backup of sensitive data.

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