Generator Transfer Switch – How to get power from your generator to your house.


When the lights go out, even though you have a generator, the question remains – how am I going to get the power from the generator to the house? Obviously you could use a lot of extension cords, but your furnace won’t plug into an extension cord. One solution is to install a Transfer Switch.

I bought the Reliance – 6 circuit for generators up to 7500 watts.

The thing that greatly impresses me about this product are the great videos which are available online. You can find them on YouTube (holisticplanthealth)or the RelianceControls website.

I did have an electrician do the connection to the main fusebox, but I did a lot of the other work.

The only suggestion I have is that instead of cutting the wires short, keep them long so that during a loss of power if you decide you want to change your mind about the circuits, you can just move the wires around. Right now I have the two furnaces wired up, but during mid-July I might want to run an air conditioner.

I also had trouble drilling into my concrete. If you rent a hammer drill, not a cheap one, it will be worth the cost. I put up a piece of 3/4″ plywood and screwed my box into it.

I also connected my outside plug to the transfer switch before connecting it to the main box. The video connects the main box first and then the outside connector box.

You will also have to do your homework and figure out which circuits are critical and balance your load.

My wife and I got on our phones and turned off each circuit to figure out what each controlled.


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