Storm Spotter Class

I just finished a 3.5 hour class to become a trained/certified storm spotter in St. Louis. It’s a great class for anyone to take.

Jim Kramper led the class and did an excellent job. I recommend you try and get him as an instructor the next time a class is held.

Here is where you can see the schedule.


Weather in St.Louis

Weather Spotter’s Field Guide– this is mainly what they covered in class.

Ready in 3 – Resources and Tools


Below are some notes I took which might be interesting to others.

  • As a storm spotter you get a unique ID so that when you do a report, they know you are trained and where you are located.
  • Funnel Cloud = no debris on the ground – just the shape in the air.
  • Tornado = touching the ground and/or debris in the air.
  • Hail – pea=1/4″, marble = 1/2″, penny = 3/4″, nickel = 7/8″, quarter = 1″.
  • Major League Baseball doesn’t stop the games before a storm hits. It waits until the storm hits and it’s raining. You may want to be proactive and when you get a Warning, take action on your own to protect yourself and your family.

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