– Reports on Supplements

I just bought a subscription to – $33 for one year. Basically, they are the Consumer Reports for supplements. Since I spend a nice chunk on pills every month I thought I see what I’m buying and which ones are worth while. I’ll post my results below as I look them up. Note you will have to have an account with to see the links.

Curcumin – from Tumeric – they recommend: Swanson Superior Herbs Curcumin Complex

Fish Oil – the pill I take from Costco does not seem to be listed, but the one that is listed does get a good rating.

MSM – Doctor’s Best Best MSM-  1500 least expensive – this available on Amazon.

Raspberry Ketone – seems to work in mice and cells, but there is no human study for efficacy or safety.


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  1. Hi Tom,

    Can you please check Glucosamine & chondroitin product. Thanks.


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