College Classes – $15 for Seniors – TODAY

Today, Friday, August 17th, is the day Seniors (65+) can signup for classes for $15 dollars.

This is only for St. Louis Community College classes.

Hopefully you have gone over ahead of time and gotten a student number and a registration form where you put in what classes you want. You can check online what classes are available here:

When you fill out the form, make sure you list a number of classes which you might be interested in. Put “Alternate” in front of classes in case your first class is full or is not going to be held.

I’ve been told by a teacher at the school that they need a minimum of 15 students per class and a maximum of 18.

I got over to the school at 8am and there were 43 people ahead of me. Luckily the computers were down, so they just took the application and said we could pay on Monday. That sure beats waiting in line for the 43 people ahead of me.

I’d suggest you take a picture of your registration form as they don’t give you any copy.

Note #1- I gave them my form on Friday morning and Saturday in the mail I got my registration form back with my class enrollment and invoice for $15. They also called my on Saturday morning. I’m very impressed.

Note #2 – after paying your fee, you need to go and get your student ID and parking pass. Before you go over there make sure you know your computer login information. both your ID and password. I’d recommend making a password that is not too hard. You will have to use it during the year to login to the school computers.

Note #3 When you get your .edu email address, you can also then take advantage of the Amazon student free 6 month Prime account and then 50% off the regular membership.

Note #4 – bring a large thumb drive to class – this is where you will keep a backup of your work.


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