Emergency Training – Class #2

CERT Class #2 Notes – Emergency Preparedness

Have an Emergency Kit – here’s mine.

Learn how to text-message. Regular phone service might not work, but you might be able to get a text message through.

They recommend a weeks worth of food + 1 gal water per person per day.

Tornado sirens are for people who are outside. Buy a weather emergency radio for inside.

Tie your water heater down. Use flexible gas lines where allowed.

Childproof locks on cabinets. In earthquakes a lot of items will fall out unless the cabinets can be kept closed.

Tall items should be attached to wall.

In California, some people velcro the TV base to withstand earthquakes.

Locate and label – gas and water shut-offs.

Shoes and flashlight under the bed.

Earthquake – drop, cover and hold – get under something heavy. Don’t try to run outside.

Tornado Notes

Center of basement, away from windows and under a stairway is probably the best option. Note – I’m going to make this into my “Safe Room.”

Class #3 Notes below

Fires – 5 Second rule – if you can’t get a fire out in 5 seconds, you need to leave the building and get help. Aim at the base of the fire.

You want to buy an ABC fire extinguisher. They are rated as to how effective they can put out different types of fires. A 4A extinguisher is four times as powerful as a 1A. The smaller extinguishers are 1A and the larger 10 pound are 4A. The larger extinguishers will only last 15 to 20 seconds, remember the 5 second rule, but they are more powerful.

Have a tool to turn off the gas coming into the house, but be aware that only the gas company is authorized to turn the gas back on.

To turn off electricity, start with small circuits first and then pull main breakers. To turn electricity back on, put in main breaker first, then add circuits one at a time.

Feel the door before entering a room in case of fire. If the door is hot, don’t open it.

Class K fires – Don’t use an ABC fire extinguisher on a cooking oil fire. Cover the oil with a lid or a damp towel. You  can also buy a kitchen fire extinguisher which you can use on oil fires. Amazon has one for $23.


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