Diverticulitis – Latest Research

Probiotics – I wonder if taking these might help?


Diverticulitis slideshow – Webmd.

Food Notes – what might set it off?

Endomethacin – anti-inflammatory – might help short-term.

Latest Research

If you read most of the literature available about diverticulitis, they tell you to eat a diet high in fiber. The latest study says that’s all wrong. “Jan. 23, 2012 — A new study challenges the long-held belief that a high-fiber diet prevents the formation of small pouches in the colon wall that can lead to diverticular disease.”


Use of Aspirin or Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs Increases Risk
for Diverticulitis and Diverticular Bleeding

Diverticulitis diet – Mayo Clinic

New Research

Nuts, Seeds and Popcorn

Antibiotics in Acute Uncomplicated Diverticulitis


Most cases of simple, uncomplicated diverticulitis respond to conservative therapy with bowel rest and antibiotics.[7] The evidence for antibiotics however in mild cases is poor.[8] However, recurring acute attacks or complications, such as peritonitis, abscess, or fistula may require surgery, either immediately or on an elective basis.

People may be placed on a low residue diet.[9] This low-fiber diet gives the colon adequate time to heal without needing to be overworked. Later, patients are placed on a high-fiber diet.

Foods such as seeds, nuts, and corn were, in the past, thought by many health care professionals to possibly aggravate diverticulitis.[3] However, recent studies have found no evidence that suggests the avoidance of nuts and seeds prevents the progression of diverticulosis to an acute case of diverticulitis.[4] Not only has this research shown that they do not appear to be aggravating the diverticulitis, but it appears that a higher intake of nuts and corn could in fact help to avoid diverticulitis in male adults


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