Yoga versus Stretching/Core Exercises for Back Pain

There’s a new study out that says that Yoga has the same benefit as a Stretching and Core Exercises class.

I’ve got a feeling that many of the exercises are similar if not identical.

Here’s the link with the entire study: (entire study link)

Here are the Yoga Poses:(click here)

Here are the Stretching and Core Exercises:

  1. Start with five minutes of aerobic warmup – one minute each of walking in place, marching, lateral shuffling, turning and reaching, and box step)
  2. Core Exercises – squats, crunches, oblique crunches, back extensions – they mention ten exercises, but that’s an error according to one of the authors. Work up from 8 to 30 reps. (sets of 5 to 10)
  3. Stretching – hold for 1 minute, relax and then hold for one more minute. (15 exercises) gastrocnemius, soleus, quadriceps, posterior and inferior shoulder, upper trapezius, hip flexor, back extension, back rotation, hamstrings, hip external rotators, back flexion, hip internal rotators, hip adductors and hip flexion

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  1. When it comes to back pain, i just take some relaxing massage and relaxing meditation. –

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  2. exercise is really necessary for the maintennance of our body. cardio and strength training are great..

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