Southwest Airline Prices

SEPT 18 – I thought I would track airline ticket prices for a while to see if there is any pattern. I’m using Southwest airlines as that’s the one I usually take. I just recently paid $160 (one-way) for a ticket, but now the price has jumped to $233. This is starting on Sunday – Sept. 18th – around five months before we need to travel. I also signed up for email alerts and alerts on my iTouch to see if that my help also.

According to the WSJ, the best times to look for sales are on Tuesday or Wednesdays. I’ve also read that the best prices come about eight weeks before you have to leave. This calendar starts Sept. 18

OCT 18 – Prices have finally gone down temporarily (72 hours) to $125 one way, but it’s only good through February 15th.

Oct. 25 – Prices went down to $125 for my date at certain times.

233  139-179  179  179  179 179
 179  179  179  179  179  179  Oct 1-179
 179  179  179  179  179  179  179
 179  179  179 179 179 179 179
179 179 179  179 179  184  184
 184  125

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