I Can Hear You Now

After swimming and diving down to the bottom of the pool, I noticed that I couldn’t hear properly. I figured out that my diving had pushed ear wax down my ear canal and up against the ear drum. After a few days of using drops and irrigating my ear I got out some ear wax, but not enough to hear better. I finally ended up going to the doctors office and a nurse did an “ear lavage” to clean out all the wax. She said she couldn’t see the ear drum because of all the wax buildup.

Here’s the procedure she used – she put in prescription ear drops. She also said that I could try straight hydrogen peroxide. She left it in for five minutes. She then irrigated the ear with a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide at a 6 to 1 ratio. She vigorously irrigated a lot to loosen the ear wax and then she would stop and reach in with a tool to scrape out the loosened ear wax. She did this about 4 times on each ear. She got out a lot of wax on each ear.

Here’s what the Mayo Clinic says – click here.

Hearing is something you take for granted, but not anymore – I can hear you now.

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