Brown Rice and Diabetes

According to a study on brown rice, 2 serving per week (1/4 cup uncooked), reduced ones chance of type 2 diabetes. CNN says it’s 11%  just by adding the brown rice  and 16% if you’re eating white rice now and then replace it with brown rice. questions the validity of the meta-study since people who eat brown rice in the first place would probably have a healthier eating and lifestyle already. An article in the NY Times seems to say that the doctors tried to control for the healthier lifestyle of brown rice eaters. The results seem more valid if you’re replacing white rice with brown rice. The same can be said of replacing white bread with whole wheat bread. I don’t eat either of the white versions so adding rice may not help.

Note #1 – I did a test and brown rice raised my blood sugar by 60 points!
Lesson learned.


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