One of the great experiences that I’ve ever had is when I played Santa Claus.
The Cub Scouts were having a Christmas meeting and the man who was going to be Santa was sick, so about an hour before the meeting I got a phone call.
Would I like to be Santa for the night?

I’ve never done that before. I don’t even look anything like Santa.
Then I heard that word “NO” starting to form in my brain and  in  a  split  second I screamed at myself mentally for even thinking that word.
Yes, yes… I’d love to be Santa tonight.
What do I have to do?

That night was a beautiful experience for me
I was magically transformed from Tom Krauska ordinary looking person into Santa Claus..the bringer of gifts and  joy and happiness.

And you know what I found out?
Everyone – everyone loves Santa.
I was hugged and embraced like I’ve never been before.
I had women sitting on my lap kissing me
Women who had never even shaken hands with me before.

And all of a sudden I realized what I could be.
I could be Santa every day of my life.
Not by wearing a Santa Claus outfit, but by developing that Santa Claus attitude.

That attitude that says YES, YES, YES
That attitude that walks around with arms open to the world
So people know they are welcome
That attitude that is always giving so people know that they can trust you.

Give yourself a gift that will last forever.
Say YES to the world ……..Say YES to yourself.

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