Charity Game Show Night

Tom and Gerry’s terrific friends divided into two teams – The Orange Navels and the Mean Green Fighting Machine in a Charity Game Show Battle. While the Orange Navels won the tie-breaking question, the real winner was Habitat for Humanity. Friends raised $700.00 for the charity and everyone had a great time in the process.

With the help of Bev, I created a Game Show in Power Point that is easy to use and worked well. If anyone wants a copy for a charity event, I’d be glad to share it with you.

Here are some more details.
– As people come in, I divide them into two groups – Orange or Green.
– The team captain is assigned ahead of time – you want someone who is a bit of an extrovert and who can take charge.
– We played for almost two hours. I’d recommend three possible rounds. The first team to 300 points wins the first round. The same with the second round. If you need a 3rd round, just have a tie-breaker question.
– We are very lenient on answers.
– Green and Orange Balloons worked well.
– Have the teams come up with a name, a poster board with the name, a cheer and a charity.
– In the two hours we got through seventeen questions.
– A microphone does help.
– You need a scorer with a flip chart.
– Go over the rules slowly – especially about ringing the bell and the question.
– Here’s our time line:
6:00 – Doors Open
6:45 – Dinner
8:15 – Game Show Starts
10:30 – Game Ends

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  1. Charlene Reimann

    Tom and Gerry: This party and evening spent with friends in a friendly competitive game show format was a lot of fun. It was a wonderful idea to be donating money to a favorite charity. Most of us are so blessed in this economy to be able to support ourselves and have money to spare.

    Tom, it was very obvious that you spent a LOT! of time organizing this Family Feud format; getting it on the computer; presenting it in Power Point (Thanks Bev, for your help with that!), plannning how to set up the room, organizing the teams, etc. etc. Thank you all for an interesting and exciting evening. The food was good too!

  2. Only our Tom would show up at Habitat for Humanity dressed like that! Thanks again Tom and Gerry for a wonderful evening and your generous hearts.
    Love, John and Bev

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