ACAI – only $70/bottle – PT Barnum Award

I’ve had two people try and sign me up for $70/bottle Acai berry juice. (Mona Vie)

While it tastes good and is a mixture of many fruit juices, including Acai, they

don’t have any scientific backing to justify their $70/bottle cost.

While Acai is high in anti-oxidants, so are blueberries and in fact, Americans

get most of their antioxidants from coffee than any other source. (WebMD link)

The latest UC Berkley Wellness Letter also debunks the extra value not only of acai,

but also gogi, noni and many more.

Save your money – don’t be a sucker.


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  1. I completely agree that price for only one ingredient is outrages!! …..but there is one liquid Vitamin out there that has 10 formulas in one 32 oz bottle that sells for $19.95 Big differece from $70.00 It’s called GBG and can be seen and purchased at You won’t be a sucker if you check out 10 in one at the above web site
    Thanks for the opportunity to submit my comments

  2. You got ripped off! MonaVie retails for $45/bottle and wholesales for as little as $21.04 when you buy in bulk! Actually, after sharing the juice with some friends, I’m drinking for FREE and they’re paying me!!! Whoo Hooo!!! If you want to know how check out

  3. drunkdreamer8

    just wanted to invite you over to my site at intresting blog.
    C. Apana

  4. Mona Vie is so Scientific! I can forward you study after study supporting the Science! The most recent is so asstounding! Proving that with in a few short hours blood work can show the positive effect on your blood cells!

    It is never sold for $70, that was probably including the wholesale membership fee ($39) plus your first bottle. The average person spends $3.80 per day on the juice!

    I hope you are drinking by now! Everyone that can afford it should be! Also my whole family drinks free. Basically if you have friends, you can drink free!

    Joni Robbins

  5. I’ve found a great anti-oxidant packet that I add to my own water. Each serving yields a 7400 ORAC score. Why ship water? Lots of juice folks like the alternative. I’ll send you a sample.

  6. Does it also have glucosamine? What is it called?

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